About me

Armed with Mother’s generation old "secret" family recipe coupled with my love of rum, cakes and chocolate, I set about perfecting my cakes and treats for you.

Spirit of Sugar Cakes Ltd, makes traditional West Indian rich rum cakes from the finest ingredients.

The plump fruits are soaked in authentic spiced rum with an array of ingredients to activate your taste buds. Only the finest Jamaican rum, natural spices and pure vanilla extract are used. This dark rich rum cake is then slowly baked to enhance its unique flavour.

For those who find chocolate heavenly, Spirit of Sugar Cakes Ltd, also makes rich chocolate rum cakes with chocolate ganache filling.

Whatever the occasion, be it a wedding, christening, birthday, corporate event or any other celebration, my rum cakes will make a memorable event. Your guests will be delighted and you’ll come back for more!

Experience the sweet cuisine of the tropical isles and melt at every bite!





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